Quicklift   Rentals and Hitches
Mr. Tule - Small Engine Repair
840 South Stark Hwy, Weare NH    03281   -   (603) 529 - 5438
Quicklift Rentals and Hitches now offers small engine repair at our facility!
By appointment only: Please call for estimates and availability
Our Mr. Tule has over 18 years of experience working on small engines of every size, type and manufacture. But even so, it's not easy for him to maintain the over 200 power tools/equipment in the Quicklift Rentals inventory. And you won't believe it, but when people rent stuff, they are not always as gentle as they are with their own tools. Fortunately, our Mr. Tule is well up for the task.
As a matter of fact, he does such a good job maintaining the Quicklift Rentals inventory, he actually has time to work on your equipment too.
We offer prompt pick up and delivery.... if you are not able to bring something in yourself.
And we also offer trailer rentals... to haul it yourself.
Serving Weare, Goffstown, Hillsboro, Washington, Francestown New Boston, Dunbarton, Henniker, Mont Vernon, Bedford, Peterborough,
Manchester, Sutton, Antrim, Bennington, Hancock, Bradford, Contoocook, Hopkington, Bow, Warner and other area towns.